Saturday, September 22, 2012

We popped up to Popham

Seguin Island Light

you can see right through its nostrils

Kemmer wanted to be on a beach for her birthday, so we brought her up to Popham Beach State Park. The overcast Friday crowd was almost nonexistent. The waves were high, the gulls were hungry, and there was a lighthouse a little ways off shore.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Open Lighthouse Day

Marshall Point

 One Saturday in September every year is Open Lighthouse Day. It was started around the time we moved to Maine, so we've managed to participate every year they've had it. A big list of lighthouses, some of which are otherwise not open, are open free to the public on this day. We choose different ones to go to each time. This year it was Pemaquid and Marshall Point.

We like to make it a fun roadtrip together and usually stop off at a few post offices for me to take their pictures to add to my collection. We also try to find other interesting things along the way, shops or natural points.

Crawling around on the beach, especially when there are nice rocks, is also de rigueur.

And we do go up into the lighthouses and admire the fresnel lenses as well as the scenic views.
nice rocks
scenic view
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