Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Celebrating Spring!

Another storm hit the area yesterday. Lots of places were closed early or for the entire day, but not State Offices. Left work a little after 5PM as usual and drove slowly toward home. The roads were poorly plowed most of the way, until I hit the street that leads to the steet I live on. That one wasn't plowed at all. Got stuck a couple of times driving along it, but nothing I had to get out of the car to undo.

Then I got to my street. Which is an undulating hill. Couldn't get up it. Got stuck twice trying to get back down. I finally got back to plowed streets and parked in the Post Office's parking lot.

I gave Carrie a call, expecting she would probably be late in getting home also, maybe even driving at the time. She would notice the call when she got home, so I needed to be patient and wait for her. Turns out she was already home, but didn't notice my call because she was busy with the snowblower clearing our driveway.

Carrie came in her nice 4 wheel drive Subaru. Heading home, the roads were a little better. Some were getting plowed, but not ours. We got home in time to eat and go to bed.

This morning the driveway needed another round with the snowblower, especially at the end as the snowplow finally did go by. After Carrie got herself ready for work she dropped me off at the Post Office with a snow shovel. I was glad to see my car had NOT been towed. Glad the parking lot had been plowed so I didn't have to dig a path all the way out to the street. Not so happy that snow had been plowed onto my car.

Asthma means I have to do physical exertions slowly. Even though the muscles are up to it, the lungs aren't. Slow and steady, no big deal, just tired afterward. Driving home I found the roads, though plowed, were still difficult. I did make it home, but almost slid off the road several times in spite of my slow speed.

I am home right now, catching my breath, getting ready to have some breakfast then a shower. I've let work know I am not going to be there this morning. We'll see how the roads are later and I might go in then.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday your prints will come

We had a little snow during the day Saturday, and 2 or three inches overnight. Early this morning we must've had a cat visiting as evidenced by these fresh prints. Will we need to start leaving cat food out?