Monday, April 16, 2012

Tree's A Crowd

We were inside taking a break when we heard a very VERY loud CRACK! and a crash. Looking out the window we saw what looked to be a large branch that had broken off a pine tree and fallen into the dog yard.

A closer look showed it had fallen on the fence as well and appeared to be an entire tree.

Looking up we saw it wasn't an entire tree, just most of the top half, with another piece still hung up.

Fortunately we have a chainsaw and we have cut it up into more manageable pieces. We also stapled the wirefencing back into place, but we do have to wait for the fence people to figure out how to replace the broken rails.

click on any of the broken branches to enlarge the picture

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exit At Exeter

We took a day trip down to Exeter, New Hampshire to meet up with Kemmer and check out the historic downtown area. We bought some postcards, switch plates for Kemmer's room, and a loaf of honey sesame bread. Haven't tried the bread yet, but lunch at the Szechuan restaurant was not very tasty. Way too salty overall, too many mushrooms and not spicy enough (for Kemmer & me anyway), and not enough veggies.

But we also took some time to look at the river and maple blossoms.