Monday, March 24, 2014

Another sweet and sappy posting

 Last weekend had Maine Maple Sunday and we went to three different participating farms. Rickers, the first one, was unplanned as we came across it while we were trying to find Twitchell's. Each place was more crowded than the last, possibly because the day was progressing and people were getting out and about.

 Jillson's was the most crowded with lines well into the street for both the breakfast and the samples. I took pictures of all three places' boiling areas. To get maple syrup from sap, you boil away the water. You usually get one gallon of syrup from 40 gallons of sap.

Carrie got to talk a little bit about the how tos of gathering as we do have numerous maple trees on our property and she may try it next year.

Jillson's also had some of their livestock out or available for viewing. So we went to look. And they looked back.

click on a nose to enlarge the photo