Sunday, June 5, 2016

Kreation Stories

 Today I will run down exactly how I did one particular Samurai Slate story.

 First I decided I wanted to try using musical instruments for a theme. I listed as many as I could think of. Then I started jotting down puns I could think of using them. Eventually a plot came out of the different ideas and I wrote that out. I have done enough scripts for Sam that I have a pretty good idea how long they can be without having to break it down. The turning point is when I have both a starting and an ending point.

 For this story I decided to use the computer to draw my panel borders, so I did roughly equal sized panels, but then adjusted them for variety and to better fit the dialog. I also used the computer to do the lettering. I usually have at least a rough sketch in place before I do the lettering, but I somehow decided to letter first, then do the rough layout pencils. Next step was to tighten the pencils and try to get a consistent look to the secondary character.

More tightening and background details go in, then inking, and finally, with pencils erased, it's ready to publish.

Click on any of the pics and run through the whole process in larger, easier to see sizes.