Friday, December 25, 2009

Slip Sledding Away.

In case you haven't guessed, Carrie's brother Ross is visiting for the holiday weekend.

Yuletide Greetings!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Picture Envy

Yes, I took the new header photo. Yes, it's in our woods on our property.


Feeling Blue

We finally have a carpet on the studio floor! Much bluer than I thought it was supposed to be, but much nicer looking than I feared. We've started moving our boxes and boxes of books, comics, art supplies, and crafting materials up there. We might even have the living and computer rooms pretty close to what they're supposed to look like by christmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Snowtime!

It's been a while since anything got posted here, but that's because we've been quite busy. Carrie is very often putting in overtime at her job and the past couple of weeks has seen me doing the same at mine. The overtime actually makes the job less obnoxious because I'm not manning the phone bank during that time, so the percentage of phonetime goes down, even if the actual time spent on the phone is the same. It's all relative.

Thanksgiving Kemmer came up to see us as our first guest. She was even able to stay overnight! Kemmer surprised us with some belated birthday gifts (more Tarzan for me!) and we did the same for her. The Thai restaurant we had called earlier this year to ask if they were open Thanksgiving wasn't answering the phone when we tried to confirm, so we went with the same Indian restaurant we'd been to last year. Later we watched and made fun of the new Star Trek movie. As most reviews said, it's good fun if you don't think about it too much. The next day Carrie had to work, so Kemmer and I talked a lot, watched some more stuff, and I got to show off the acreage in back of the house.

Carrie then had both days of the weekend off, though only Saturday of this weekend. We get to do shopping for food and whatever new bits we need to advance on getting the house together, watch some cable tv (mostly Mythbusters and Whose Line, but we did Bollywood Sunday once!) and other domestic stuff. Recently, both Carrie and I have slipped on the steps going down into the living room. The day after my fall, we went out and bought a roll of no slip tread and Carrie cut it into a much less boring shape.

I sort of caught myself when I slipped, but not really because I landed hard and not quite straight on my left hand. Nothing broken, but it got a little swollen and painful. I cannot grip anything more than loosely. It's very much better today than it was yesterday, but it still is going to keep me from shoveling or using the snow blower. Which is bad because it snowed last night! Looking out the window we thought Carrie was going to be in big trouble because of how deep it was, but the driveway didn't get too covered at all. We think it must be the protective trees.

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