Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Daze

Above is this mornings weather report. It's only partially the amount of snow, but the high winds will make it very bad white-out conditions. Yesterday afternoon I was hearing how New York was shutting down the subways today, Massachusetts the highways, town after town here in Maine announcing closures and not to expect their snow removal services to be doing much when blind. Carrie's job even called her to tell her not to bother coming in today. But Governor Lepage was being quiet. I fully expected he was going to leave State Offices open until we were in the midst of the worst of the blizzard today and then announce closings.

Fortunately he did make the announcement before I tried to leave this morning. We'll let the storm hit and hope it slacks off later today to allow us to use the snowblower.

For now, it's a stay inside day.