Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Carrie's brother Ross was out for his yearly visit. He flew in to Boston on Wednesday and Carrie flew down to meet him. Unfortunately the flight back into Maine was cancelled due to weather and they had to stay in Massachusetts overnight.

I couldn't take the time off, but Carrie and Ross did some candlepin bowling, a little wading in the ocean, and on Friday attended the Yarmouth clam festival.

 Saturday I went with them to the Celtic Festival in Belfast. We listened to some music, watched the uphill 3-legged race, lamented over them not having any of the celtic games until Sunday, and listened to some music.

Of course we stopped at yard sales along the way and dedicated Sunday to go to several flea markets. For some reason this cast metal shriner appealed to me and Carrie and I talked about how such things can strike us knowing full well that on a different day we wouldn't give them a second glance. I brought up as another example a little plastic Pegasus I had bought some time back.

The one on the left is the one just mentioned. The one on the right we found on Sunday in a ten cent bin!

I don't know why I have taken such a liking to boys adventure books these past couple of years, but here's my latest additions. The Merriwell series was popular enough in its day to spawn a newspaper strip, a radio serial, and a movie. Frank Merriwell is the best known, but there was also his half brother Dick, and Frank Jr.

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