Sunday, August 19, 2012

In for a penny, in for a pond

Update on the water viewing. We were at the Androscoggin River yesterday. We just got back from the actual Allen Pond. There's no real public access to it, but we found an area with a few lots for sale and a big common area. The developer saw us arrive and assumed we were potential buyers and we didn't dissuade him of that idea. We wandered around the shoreline for a bit, then went off to a couple of produce stands so Kemmer could get more veggies above what Carrie had for her out of our garden.

Water You Up To?

 Kemmer came up for a visit this weekend, so we decided to bring her out to Allen Pond. We drove up Allen Pond Road, and pulled off at the boat launch past the bridge. We now think it was not Allen Pond, but just a wide point in one of the area rivers. We're going to check the maps.

It was still a scenic spot, with lots of little striped frogs. The stripe colors ranged from the bronze on this fellow to luminous green.

No swimming was allowed, so after we wandered about the shoreline for a while, we sat at one of the picnic tables and chatted. Carrie and Kemmer were facing the water and saw birds diving and catching fish. I was facing inland and saw this caterpillar.

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