Tuesday, January 26, 2016

You say you want a resolution

 Carrie and I do like making little road trips and I usually take a bunch of pictures during them. Often I will get shots of Carrie and sometimes a shot or two of myself, but almost never do I take a photo of the two of us together. This year I have determined that I am going to change that and take at least one picture of us every month. Even if we don't take a road trip.

So the first of these was taken on a trip down to Portland. We made a stop at Trader Joe's and then were too early to go into Casablanca Comics. We wandered around a little, killing time, looking at architecture and icicles and a Japanese mailbox.

I used up a little of my credit with the comic shop on some Torpedo hardcovers that were on sale at five bucks each.

Afterward we went to a bookstore and found some ERB books I didn't have. I used the last of our credit with that store and spent some cash as well to pick up these four books. I hope we can go back soon with more trade goods and see what else they have.