Thursday, October 30, 2008

Advancing Autumn

I can pretty safely say that the local foliage has passed its peak. The maples that have been providing the reds and pinks for the landscape are now bare. There are still some crimson oaks and scarlet sumacs, but overall the pallet has been reduced to oranges, yellows, golds, browns, and greens. Do you feel sorry for me, yet?
No? Okay, how about if I tell you that it's getting cold? We've had several mornings of frost where the otherwise squishy Maine terrain has been hard under foot. We've even needed to scrape our windshields! My clever plan to cover my windshield with a sheet resulted in the past nights being either cloudy or rainy: no frost. There's been snow up in the mountains, and I met a neighbor who told me last year every storm that came through dumped a foot of snow leaving drifts up to 7' high! The predictions for this year aren't so dramatic, still: it can be cold without snow.


  1. The trees here are pretty damn spectacular too. I especially love the red leaves.

  2. Me, too! Back where I grew up in Iowa all our oak trees just turned brown. Keith can tell you: every time we see red leaves on an oak I have to stop an gawk at it!