Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waiting For A Go

Our real estate agent gives us hope that we might actually be able to get this place. She says the agent for the bank is keen to get rid of it, and has tried to convince the bank previously to let it go cheaply. He encourages us to get a detailed list of repairs to put with our bid to help the case. We have been pricing out some things like replacing the carpeted basement floor, but the first big thing to do is get the house inspected so we can get a detailed list of what's wrong. If there's mold, we stop and walk away. If not, we start contacting all the contractors about written estimates. Wednesday is the inspection.

Pictures this time are of the upstairs living room.


  1. The place looks beautiful. I hope you can get it (and it's mold-free!).


  2. From your lips to the ears of heaven!

  3. And the central part doesn't open, just the sides. I'll have someplace to hang all my stained glass!