Saturday, August 8, 2009

House Detectives

We're going looking at houses again on Sunday. We haven't absolutely lost this house, but if the people who offered a higher bid than we did follow through, that's it. So, back on the road hunting down a new place to buy.

On top of this, the realtor who has been helping us is backing out. We're looking in an area outside of her normal circle and making her cover a LOT of miles. And since we actually got defaulted to her by a realtor that we had recommended to us but wasn't available at that time, she has to give 20% of her commission to that other realtor. And the standard 50% to the company she works out of. So we're making her do a lot of work, spend a lot of money on travel, and would get very little in return. Plus, she has constantly felt bad that she didn't really know the areas we were looking in very well, so she couldn't tell us where amenities were or what the local market was like. So we have to find a new realtor.

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