Saturday, September 26, 2009

Swing Music

Today we drove around stopping at numerous yard sales, including one at a church Carrie had been to previously and bought some spiced pear preserves she wanted to buy again. They didn't have any this time around, but she still found a few things to pick up. And she found a few more at the other places we stopped at. I had very little luck until the very last one where I found the above for a buck. I'm a big Tarzan fan and I was willing to pay the buck for this without any idea what the music is like or even if it's playable. But now I have another reason to wish our house buying was over, so we can get unpacked and I can try and play it!


  1. Nice find, Keith. That definitely looks like the Lex Barker Tarzan. The days of actually being able to play a record at my house are gone forever.


  2. Arizona Ballet never does the "Jungle Dance" in their annual Nutcracker. I think it's a deplorable omission.

  3. We've never seen the "Jungle Dance" at any of the Nutcracker performances we've been to either. So I am even MORE keen to listen to the record!