Friday, January 1, 2010

Snow Trouble Et Al

Carrie took this photo on our property earlier this week. We got some more snow yesterday, and it is snowing even as I type this. There is a big weather system sitting just off the coast of Maine, spitting at us right now, but we are expecting a couple of feet to land on us tomorrow.

Now that it's cold again, our basement is fine, but just after Ross left, it was leaking. One crack in the walls we knew about. the previous owner said she'd had it fixed. It created a big puddle, but didn't really impact on anything important. The other crack, which we never knew about, is behind the finished walls of what we've made Ross's room. We're glad it didn't occur while Ross was here and the portable electric heater was on the floor.

Carrie has contacted our insurance company and a repair guy. Hopefully it is repairable without too much destruction needed to get to the cracks.

1 comment:

  1. That sucks about the leaks in the basement. I know water is a big problem in this neck of the woods too.

    Stay warm!