Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lawn Ranger

Saturday morning saw the delivery of our riding lawn mower. Yup, it's a John Deere. The company gets lots of recommendations. A random worker at Home Depot just bought the same model and loves it. The salesman said bad things about the similarly priced other brand. The delivery guy swears by the company. I drove it around a bit, then mowed a bit. Carrie and I picked up some of the sticks and pine cones and I mowed some more. Carrie is already talking about getting attachments for it.


  1. You really need one of those mowers for a yard as big as yours.

    We have a small electric mower for ours.

  2. We still have the small electric mower from Arizona. Once we uncover the charger for the battery, we can use it to get to the smaller spots the tractor can't mow.