Sunday, September 25, 2011

How much island would I land on if I could land on Wood Island?

Last weekend on September 17th we celebrated Maine Open Lighthouse day once again. This time we opted to go to one of the island lighthouses, which meant travel by boat.

Wood Island is not very far from shore, so we were quickly there. That's our boat making a quick getaway to gather up more tourists. The only problem was that the boat dropped us off at the point closest to shore rather than closest to the lighthouse.

We had a boardwalk to travel on, so it wasn't a difficult hike, just a long one. But it was pretty much the only option as the shore nearest the lighthouse was not very boat friendly... you can see here.

The lighthouse was pleasant enough looking and it was a fine day to be out and about.

The stairs were quite narrow and steep. Railings had only just been put in. You can see they haven't even been unwrapped yet.

It didn't have the most spectacular fresnel lens we'd ever seen, but they are always interesting to look at. And, it was the first green lighted one we've seen.

We did get to see the lighthouse from sea as the boat did a circuit of the island on our way back in.

To enlarge any photo, find the lighthouse in it and click on its beacon.

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  1. Jonny loves lighthouses! He likes to visit the ones out here, like Heceta Head, Yaquina Head and Umpqua River. I bet he'd like the Wood Island lighthouse. :)