Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jalapeño Chip on the Shoulder

My favorite flavor potato chip is jalapeño. The best ones I've ever had are the Poore Brothers brand out of Arizona. When we first moved to Maine, that was what I missed most. At first the only jalapeño chips I came across were hard to find and jalapeño/cheese flavored. Eventually a couple of the smaller companies had jalapeño as one of their flavors, so I could get a fix when I really needed to. But then our local supermarket started carrying the Kettle Brand jalapeño! Kettle makes a very good chip and has my second favorite flavor, Spicy Thai. So, even though some other bigger labels are now making jalapeño chips, Kettle is my local favorite.

Today at our regular supermarket Kettle Brand potato chips were all on sale at 2 for $5. All except jalapeño. That was 50% off, reduced to clear! Argh! Carrie grabbed a clerk and we voiced our displeasure and requested they keep it in stock.


  1. You can buy most chips online :-)
    Poore Brothers:

    Debora K.

    My all time favorite is Zapp's Voodoo:

  2. You can't actually order the Poore Brothers online from Walmart. You get to check for local availability and they are not available in Maine.