Sunday, February 10, 2013

The wonderful Blizzard of Ours

Lovely patterns in the snow.
Yesterday I waited until most of the day was over before going out to shovel. It looked, from inside the house, like the wind had shifted some of the little snow that had fallen here and there a bit on the driveway, so it should be an easy clear. Not so. The wind had blown bare a couple of spots which was what was mostly visible from the window, and piled up some of the couple of feet of snow we got high in other areas. Very much in the way of Carrie being able to leave for work this morning.

You can see the same effect at the back of our house. Some parts of the roof, and some of the ground right near the house, are swept almost clear. If you look carefully, which can be done better after clicking on the photo, you can see some of the snow is hanging over the right edge of the main building. You can also see some snow drifts up against the house. And note how my footprints in the snow get deeper as they approach the camera. At least it wasn't really heavy sticky wet snow.

I'll be out finishing off the driveway clearance throughout the day today. It's nice and sunny as you can tell from these 2 shots.

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