Sunday, May 5, 2013

May the Fourth (be with you)

Saturday was Star Wars Day as well as Free Comic Book Day. We didn't have any Star Wars shirts, so Carrie wore Hellboy and I wore one of my Meep shirts. Carrie normally works Saturday, but she asked for the day off so we could celebrate this important double holiday. She worked last year, thus we were even more keen to do it this year.

Since we planned to go to a couple of shops down in Portland, we figured we should combine some other things with the trip. We packed up the recyclables and headed for Freeport. The collection bin has a new paint job.
They USED to call this the Silver Bullet

 We also took advantage of the yard sales that lay in our path. Carrie got a few things, including one of the books on our Dick Francis list. I also bought a book, an old Lone Ranger hardcover for a buck.

Casablanca Comics, our first comics shop stop, was very crowded, with the line going out the store, down the hall, and down the stairs. While there I handed out Samurai Slate comics to the staff and Rick Parker, who was signing and drawing. I also picked up volume 5 of the Thunder Agents hard cover collection for less than half price. Carrie got a Casablanca bag autographed by 3 of the staff who were pictured on it.

Next stop was Coast City Comics, a store we'd not been to before. And one that didn't have dedicated parking, so we took a bit to find a spot and walked in. We got fewer free comics, but I still handed mine out. We also saw some interesting bricks, shopped at an Asian grocery store, and came across a book store we hadn't been to before. They seem to have a decent selection and a willingness for trade, so we'll be back. And I gave them a Samurai Slate.

 Carrie wanted to stop at the card shop in Brunswick we'd been to the first 2 times we were celebrating Free Comic Book Day. She remembered how they'd had a nice spread of food and we were past lunch time. Unfortunately, they weren't partaking this year. Not that they ever had a good selection of comics, but what they had out seemed even more feeble than before.

Still, it was a nice day out, and we very much enjoyed seeing all the signs of spring growing all around.

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This is our combined haul from both stores.

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