Sunday, May 18, 2014

No decaf for MECAF

Four wide aisles to go up and down.

adapted from the radio show?
she made the skirt herself

Another comics day today, for it's the annual Maine Comics Art Festival in Portland. We started out early to do the usual leisurely drive in to check out yard sales and flea markets where I bought a couple of books and a cast iron old fashioned mail truck.

MECAF had new digs this year a short distance from the old ones, but it looks like they managed to keep all the exhibitors in the same room for once. We met up with long distance pal EJ Barnes, who was one of the driving forces behind putting out the Luisa Felix tribute book. She now has about ten copies that have my autograph in them (I was a contributor).

I brought along some Samurai Slates and found them so well received that I ran out. And I still haven't sent copies to everyone on my mailing list as I ran out of the correct size envelopes. Guess I'll have to print up more. Lots of fellow mini-comic producers at the event and I came out with a bag full of trades.

Afterwards we went to Green Hand and got more books!

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