Sunday, May 17, 2015

The MECAF Shall Inherit the Earth

The day started off dim and foggy. The fog was still clinging to the horizon off the coast and a taller building nearby to the venue on Fore street where we got to, once again, attend MECAF, the Maine Comic Art Festival. 

Fog was finally lifting. Except for here!
You can see Bug Light from the window!
 It was, as usual, fairly well attended without being too crowded to walk around. I handed out copies of a couple of my mini publications and got some stuff in return. Carrie even spent some money on a few things as well as taking notes on what we may try and get from Casablanca Comics to use up some of my trade credit.

Exhibit Hall
Comix Haul

I met and talked with a couple of the exhibitors, but mostly let Carrie and my mini-comix do the talking. I included my contact info, and a loose blank panel to try and encourage people to draw a panel for the jam comic.
I got this picture to make Marcia jealous.

Before and afterwards we stopped at yardsales. We also stopped by Green Hand and found a book each.

 Click on any picture to get more detail.


  1. That's a good-lookin' comix haul. Seems like youv'e got a strong regional scene there, because I don't recognize anyone in that pile! Although I've only made it as far east as OH for a show, so what do I know...