Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freezing Our Assets

It started a couple of days ago. Snow melt off our roof had gotten down along the front door and frozen, mostly at the base. I had a difficult time pulling the door open from the inside. The day being sunny and warm, I had no trouble getting back into the house after work.

The next day, though, more water had frozen at the base of the door and we had to go out the back door in order to get around to the front and then shoulder it open.

That night, water was dripping from the frame around one of the windows in our bedroom. The one closest my comics.

Today, along with calling the landlord to report the problem, I was out clearing snow and ice off the roof. The ice dam along the edge was a good five inches thick. Carrie got out her big rubber mallet for me to use to shatter it and a kind neighbor came over with her roofrake so I could reach more of the snow.

Of course afterwards I had to shovel it all again to clear out the porch and part of the driveway.


  1. We haven't had any snow yet, but there's a chance for it on Tuesday. When we had our new roof put on we had special ice-dam blocking underlayment put around the edges.

    Debora K.

  2. Postmaster! Send me your snail mail addy so I can send you art or something for the meme continuation! :D