Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're In Deep

Winter had taken a 2-week vacation, but yesterday she was back and made up for lost time. Remember those pictures Keith took last summer of our front yard? How green it looked? Here's a contrast for you! Walking around the yard is difficult. The shallowest places are the paths we've had to blaze and reblaze with each new snow fall. The snow's only about a foot deep there and fairly well crusted. Elsewhere it ranges from 2-4 feet deep, the deepest being where it gets mounded up. You can see that in the picture: that's not a wall down front, it's where the plows have piled up what was in the road.

In general, road conditions have been good. The only bad days have been the actual day it snows and possibly the day after. Between the snow plows and traffic the roads are kept clear and driving isn't a problem. Parking on the streets, trying to walk on the sidewalks or shoulders of the roads: those are different stories.

It's supposed to rain Thursday and Friday...


  1. That is just amazing. I wouldn't want to leave the house until the snow was gone :)

  2. Unfortunately, if we don't go out and help it to go, we have to deal with the consequences: losing our jobs, snowmelt leaking into the house, and a really really anxious dog...