Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing Catsup

Trying out my new camera on the cats, Weevil, Qwill, and Ghost. I don't think the auto focus works all that great on these closeups. This camera is not the great camera I want, but is going to do for now and when I do get the great camera, I will
still carry this one around as my "emergency" camera, since it is so small and easy to stick in a pocket.

I always have plenty of stuff I could post, but don't always have either the time or the inclination to do so. So sometimes really
important stuff gets skipped.

My sister Sharyn passed away recently. We weren't all that close, but I went to the graveside ceremony anyway, mostly to give emotional
support to her two kids and my remaining sister.

Weevil has been to the vet recently, urinary tract problems, just like most older cats seem to be prone to. Special food and a bit of medicine. He'll have to stay on some kind of special diet the rest of his life now, but hopefully the crystals will clear out soon. I have started doing some research into proper uretic foods as I don't like the quality of the treatment foods. Wysong makes a dry food for the problem, but not a wet one. And wet food is better for this problem as well as being better for elder cats.

Latest word on the job front is that at least one of my references has been called. I hope that means I'll be getting an offer for a real job soon.

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