Sunday, March 29, 2009

Green Ice & Yam

Spring is here. We've had several days and a few nights above freezing. The ice in the water ways and snow on the ground are slowly receding. The weather people keep stressing how this is a good thing, as a sudden thaw could bring about dangerous ice flows and flooding. We've seen flocks of robins, and today I saw a budding pussywillow! The ice falls, yes, even the green ones, are all but gone. So's the yam, for that matter.
It's been a half a year since I moved to Maine, so it's time for a little review. As with most of life: it's been a mixed package. We enjoyed the autumn and got through the winter with some expected adjustments: snow is pretty, but a pain to shovel, especially early in the morning as a prelude to going to work! I miss our favorite stores: Changing Hands, Bookman's, Lee-Lee's, House of Rice, etc., but I should be conserving as much dough as possible for when we get around to buying our new house. We've found some fine grocery stores with some old favorites and new delicacies, but food is more expensive in Maine. Work could definitely be improved for both of us, but in this economy we're both aware that having a job is something and any benefits are a plus. I'm looking forward to spring's advancement with flowers and birds coming back, but I'm dreading all the mud. I'm looking forward to seeing fireflies again, but I'm dreading blackflies and mosquitoes. I'm looking forward to going all over the place with Keith and Pandora and trying my hand at sea kayaking, but I'm dreading having to fight all the summer tourists for space. Well, we'll see...

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