Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where's Waldo's Mailbox

Our mailbox is across the street from the house. This is the view of it from our driveway.

I spent my day off this week clearing snow off the front of our roof, as much as I could reach, which was a lot, with the new roof rake Carrie bought me. Then we had a couple of days of above average temperature and melted all the rest off. At least on the front, so I'm still glad I worked it. the back still has a bunch, mostly over the porch where it doesn't get the house heat.

A couple of days of cold weather and more snow on the way. We were hoping we would have it by now so we could both be home to clear it away. But, no, it's now supposed to be hitting us Monday, when we'll both be at work. Eight to twelve inches.

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