Sunday, February 14, 2010

Komputer Room

The computer room has its furniture and major organizational demarcations all set. Lots of smaller organizing still needs to be done and may undergo several waves of redoing. Above is the major computer desk with internet connection. Scanner to the left with all my USB cables hanging on the side. Most of our hand puppets are on the upper shelf, and our 3 big puppets are on the bookcase to the right. That case holds trading cards and autograph collections. I also have part of a stereo there. Eventually I will have a turntable set up so I can transfer a lot of vinyl to mp3 files.

This second photo shows more of the room continuing toward the right. The second desk currently holds the printer and second computer. Our 2 filing cabinets here hold mostly mundane files. Most of my art files are up in the studio where I'll be doing most of my drawing. The bankers box on top holds most of my postage stamps. On the wall next to the window is my uncut sheet of The Avengers trading cards. The shelves hold mailing materials as well as related collections of foreign and US postcards, first day covers, etc.

The closet on the right holds more than I want to keep there right now, but eventually it will be just for overflow clothes and supplies for this room's collections.

The bench on the right wall is where people will sit when doing Puppet Improv. We'll be opposite the computer camera set up so we can see what we're recording as we do it.

The rug is a bit of excess cut from the recent carpet installation in the studio.

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  1. Very nice! I'm still trying to organize a work room at our house.