Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy New Year

Yeah, a little late to wish you a Happy New Year. Even if we mean the Lunar New Year. That was February 14th. But there were special events planned the weekend before and the weekend after in Boston's China Town. We took a little road trip for the last one, which was the Lion Dance Parade.

Different troups were sponsored, much like Little League Baseball, by various businesses. There were at least half a dozen wandering around the streets. Different color costumes, different numbers of lions, and different types of support players helped differentiate them all.

Local businesses put out a head of lettuce and an orange for the lion to "eat" which makes them drunk and a little unstable. Then the firecrackers come out and chases the lion off to the next stop. There was a lot of shredded lettuce all over the streets by the end of the day.

Thanks to Kemmer, we didn't have to try and find parking downtown with its outrageous prices. We parked outside the area and took the subway in following her directions. That also caused us to drive near a Trader Joes, so we stopped in on our way home and bought stuff. Yum!

Click on the lion's eyes to lion-size the photo.


  1. Wow! Looks like a lot of fun. Haven't been to any Lunar New Year celebrations myself, yet.

    Who's under the lion mask?