Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 Piece Suite

Three of the pieces of original artwork I have hanging up in the computer room.

The Totoro piece was done by our friend Paige Sullivan and shows not only one of our favorite films of all times, Tonari No Totoro, but also two of the characters Carrie and I created for the Arizona Elfquest fan club Carrie helped to found.

Jed Dougherty drew this for the cover of one issue of my attempt to become a semi-pro publisher, Kluttered Visions. We always love the amount of extra stuff Jed puts into his work. He's been doing background work for Howard Chaykin last I heard.

Because I introduced Steve Crompton, creator of Demi the Demoness, to Perry Lake, creator of Cassiopeia the Witch, they drew me into the crossover story they did together. Demi is actually topless in the original artwork. I made the modest change to keep me from getting in trouble with the blog police. If you want to see the real artwork, you can buy the comic or come visit us.

As always, click on a pic to enlarge it.


  1. I found a 1996 issue of KV with cover art by Nina Paley in my attic yesterday. :-)