Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dead Reckoning

We decided we wanted to go to the Montsweag Flea Market today. I checked for nearby Post Offices and found one before Montsweag, in Woolwich, and one after in Wiscasset. But in checking the maps, I noticed a place called "Ancient Cemetery" that I thought we should go check out.
We did a couple of errands in the morning, then headed out. We took the pictures of the two Post Offices, we stopped at the Montsweag Flea Market (where I got about 40 different postcards, most for ten cents each), and found the Ancient Cemetery pretty easily.
There were a lot of interesting headstones for as few graves as the place had. The best was this one with the creepy eye at the top and the winged cherub.

Click on the image and take a good close look at the cherub. It is supposed to have two gourds with it. Gourds. Right.
We slowly made our way back home after checking out a couple of shops, and still found time for some stops before we headed for Bombay Mahal in Brunswick for supper.

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  1. That's cool that you found an ancient cemetery. Cherub? If it wasn't smiling I'd say it was one of the harpies from the Night on Bare Mountain segment of Fantasia.