Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Car Tunes

First, we stopped of at the Greene Post Office so I could mail off the last 10 of my envelopes to get the Sunday Funnies first day postmark. Then we took the long and winding road to Freeport to buy bread (pineapple jalapeno!) and pet food. Afterward we continued on to Portland for a stop at Casablanca comics.
But we took all day to do this because we were constantly stopping at yard sales. Amongst our purchases are such diverse elements as: a small shelf to hold my plush Bullwinkle villains, a floor lamp for the studio, a side table to put next to Carrie's chair, and a Godzilla puppet.
On one of the yard sale pursuits, we came across this house. It's not a real lighthouse, and is nowhere near any body of water that would need one.

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  1. Very cool house! We've never seen anything like that when we ventured out for garage sales.