Sunday, May 15, 2011

Floral Tribune

It's rain. Not great for yard sales or other out-and-about errands, but great for the plants. The dim light makes the new greenery glow. Good thing we like the look, because the weather report has it rainy and/or grey all this week.

Blooming is in full swing. The previous owner here had landscaped using a rather over abundance of pink and purple flowering plants. I like some pink, but when the azaleas, rhododendrons, and peonies get going it's like walking down the Barbie isle at Toys 'R' Us!

This unknown ornamental is more like it.

As for wildflowers: this week we've got semi-wilds. The backyard has clouds of tiny white violets, along with not-appearing-in-this-blog flowers. In the front we have a white viola that showed up as a volunteer in some soil I'd got for potting.

Also in the front was this pileated woodpecker who was excavating around a dead log for breakfast.

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