Monday, June 16, 2014

What's the Point?

Moose Point State Park. Sunday had free entry into most of Maine's State Parks for residents. Carrie wanted to hit one by the water, but I wanted to avoid the beaches as I expected they would be super crowded. So we picked Moose Point as it doesn't have a sandy beach, but rather a rocky shoreline, which is more visually interesting anyway.

 We saw a few birds along the shore, and quite a few of these crabs. We fear they may be the invasive green crabs causing problems locally.

There was also a walking trail that went partially along the edge of the forest following the shoreline and partially just through the woods. Some Lady Slippers were protected from the hikers, but they missed the Jack-In-The-Pulpit.

The weather started out overcast with a bit of rain, but eventually did clear out. We did our usual stopping at bookstores, yard sales and antique stores. We got some more books and I got some comics. We still had plenty of day left, so we then stopped at Lake St George. A nice place to bring your family to have a picnic and go swimming. Not what we were really looking for at that point.

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