Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Carriage Me Away

Last week was pretty much the end of peak foliage season locally. We were a little afraid that Acadia National Park, being further north, might be well past its peak for our planned visit this past Monday. It was cold there, but there was still plenty of color!

We had a book from the library about Acadia's carriage roads and the picturesque bridges with various hiking loops described. We chose one that sounded like it had nice views, three bridges and a waterfall. The gatehouse by the parking area gave us hope for good foliage.

It was a crisp, clear, cold day. Very cold..

 There were a lot of evergreens, and a lot of trees overall, growing along the roads and hiding the long range vistas, but we could look up at a beautiful clear blue sky with the sun giving the leaves a stained glass appearance.

 The splotches of red seen on the glimpses of Bald Mountain are blueberry bushes.

 The first bridge was the best, Waterfall bridge.

 Not much water at this time of year, so I got one shot from on top of the waterfall.

Hemlock bridge was less interesting

When we got tired of looking up, we could enjoy color on the ground.

 But we really didn't get tired of looking up.

 The last bridge was the smallest.

  And finally, some of those glimpses of the vistas we got.

As always, click on a leaf to get a bigger view.

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