Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Answer, My Friend: Snowblowin' In the Wind

It finally snowed enough to use the snowblower. It took a while before Carrie and I figured out all the controls enough to get it started. We were shown how to use it, but how long ago was that? After running it for a bit I figured out some more of the controls and was getting a good idea of how to use and control it. I got the snow behind Carrie's truck cleared out along with a spot for her to turn around in the driveway, and a wide enough path to the road before it ran out of gas. I never did get around to filling up a gas can for it. Well, Carrie had to go off to work, so she couldn't go get gas for me to clear out my car. I had my car snowed in so I couldn't go get gas to clear out my car. I got to shovel my car out.

At least since I'm going in to Pet Pantry a couple of hours after they open today (they want me to stay late so they can keep the store open later) somebody else will have had to have done the shoveling there.

Except that it's started snowing again.

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  1. We're enjoying a snowfall that this area hasn't seen since 1951. Last night driving back from the airport (picked up my brother) was darn harrowing...the freeway was one big lane covered in snow. Snow was coming down so hard you couldn't even see the lights of the city. Today we went out once to pick up Elisa's daughter from her other mom's house. The main roads were passable but side roads...forget about it. On the plus side, the kids are sure enjoying the sledding.