Monday, December 1, 2008

No Business Like Snow Business

Last night as I left work in South Portland, it was lightly raining. As I drove northward home, it started coming down harder and colder. By the time I reached Freeport, it was snow! Our first snowfall in Maine!

Of course by the time it was light enough to go outside and take pictures, the snow had mixed with rain and started to melt off.

Still, our first snow in Maine!

Carrie wants me to go look at snowblowers today.


  1. That must be quite a change for you. Don't think I could handle dealing with snow, especially driving in it. Maybe the next snowfall will leave enough for a snowman.

  2. We're hoping enough snow and it will last long enough for us to take a picture of us in it for our Yule Kard this year. Maybe on Sunday...