Thursday, December 4, 2008

"You're a Mainiac"

proclaimed Kemmer after I told her Monday that I'd gotten both my Maine driver's license and my Maine license plates. Of course, people who actually live in Maine prefer the term Mainer. Something I learned after I'd used the term Mainiac a couple of times.

As I was registering my car at the DMV, the clerk picked up the next plate from the pile and said "121 QC. That'll be easy to remember." I remarked that the second customer after me would have an even easier one to remember and she paused for a moment before exclaiming "Oh, 123! You want that one?"

I put the plates on today because today I brought my car in for the State Inspection. I needed a bulb in a tail light and the hardly tinted by Arizona standards windshield was pretty dark by Maine standards and needed a special test to make certain it wasn't too dark. I now have a certificate to that effect and can show it every year when I get my car inspected and they won't have to do the special test again.

Between these two days, we had another interesting frost on our vehicles. This time the pattern on the roof of my car was more interesting than the one on the windshield.

As always, you can click on a picture to get a bigger version.


  1. Cool frost patterns!

    We don't get to pick our license plates, they just send them in the mail.

  2. You've beaten us to the tagging. We're still driving around with Oklahoma plates. Money must be saved to afford titling and insuring the cars here in Washington.

  3. Insurance is cheaper in Maine than it was in Arizona, so we definitely wanted to switch over as soon as possible. And they threatened to cancel if I didn't get my Maine license also ASAP.