Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Turner Classic Mainstreet

Carrie noticed that the public library in Turner was having a book sale today, so we decided that was what we would do for our day off. When we arrived in town we noticed the sides of the main street were packed with people. They were getting ready for a parade. We barely managed to get in the general area of the library before all available parking was gone. The sale was in the basement of the library itself, and very well attended. We both got several books, and one of my purchases was another boy's adventure novel from the 30s.

After we left the building we realized leaving wasn't going to happen soon, so we went across the street to check out the cemetery. A few headstones had artwork, most of which featured roses. There were also some that had fancy shapes like these two. While we were here, the parade started.

 They had horses, tractors, classic cars, fire engines, and hookers.

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