Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Berry Patch

 More about books


 As mentioned earlier, I have been buying books at yard sales, flea markets, and the like. The first one shown here is an advance proof of a biography of one of my favorite authors, Edgar Rice Burroughs. First biography of his I've ever read, let alone bought. Odd, considering what a Tarzan fan I am.

 And don't forget, in honor of Tarzan's 100th anniversary, there is a new postage stamp coming out on August 17th.

 In my earlier post about books, I mentioned a yard sale I bought the 1800's dime novels at. I went back this weekend and found two Lone Wolf novels. Earlier this year I discovered reruns of the old b&w tv show based on the series and a few months ago TCM was showing some of the movies. Both these books feature "scenes from the photoplay". The second book had the front half of the dust jacket tucked inside of it. No dust jacket for the other one.


There are a couple of tv series from my childhood that I actively seek books from. But for some reason I've decided to pick up other tv themed books. I won't get just any. I turned down Lassie and Dr Kildare ones offered. But recent purchases include Land of the Giants, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Mission: Impossible. Never high literature, but usually fun nostalgia.

As a child I also watched a lot of old movies. That's where my love of Tarzan started. The actor who played Boy in those films went on to star in a series of movies based on the Bomba books. I have long wanted to read one of them, but not been willing to pay the antiquarian bookstore prices of the only copies I'd ever come across. Well, a recent find at a flea market was one from that series in hardcover with dust jacket mostly intact. At only three dollars, I snatched it up. It was about the level of writing I was expecting and felt no need to buy any others. Until I found two more at a buck each.

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