Saturday, July 28, 2012

Comic Relief

Tarzan #50

Another yard sale find were these 10 comics for 25 cents each. Tarzan, which is in the worst condition of them all, was the second best find. I collect Tarzan comics but didn't know if I had this one or not. Turns out I don't. With that in mind, in spite of its condition, I would have paid more for this one comic than I did for the lot.

Brothers of the Spear is another series I collect, but in this case I already had this issue.

Best find was Secret Agent #1. I never thought I would actually get to own this. There were only two issues and they are generally priced beyond my perceived value, so I am very pleased.

Brothers of the Spear #13
Dell 4 Color 1066
Cimarron Strip #1

Wagon Train #6
Garrison's Gorillas #5

Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp #4

Mission: Impossible #2
Mod Squad #8

Secret Agent #1

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