Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coal Daze

But since Carrie has gotten out the down comforter, the nights have almost been
too warm.

Still, the past several mornings I've woken up convinced I had a cold. As the day progresses, I feel better, but each morning I've felt a little worse than the morning before. I suspect I'll be fully sick for Thanksgiving and only just well enough to go in to work at Staples for Black Friday. (Staying home on Black Friday is a guarantee of getting fired.)

Maybe having Kemmer come up to spend Thanksgiving with us (and maybe even doing some Puppet Improv) will chase the blues (and cold) away and I'll be in fine form for Friday. We plan to continue with our holiday tradition of eating out at an ethnic restaurant. This time an Indian place up in Brunswick.

Today I'm working at Pet Pantry, so I should pick up something special for the kids to have for their Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Wow you two - I really love your blog, with its wonderful pics and commentary! What a great way to keep tabs of your experiences and for me to keep tabs on you. Arizona is due for some rain today - believe it or not. It was actually cloudy all day yesterday and we expect half an inch of rain or more with highs under 70 through the weekend. Time to find my mukluks and mittens! Certainly it's nothing compared to your frigid weather... but it may delay our next planting, Carrie. We're supposed to put new wheat in on Monday, if the ground isn't too soft for the tractor. Of course Bruce is fit to be tied. But at least the air quality will clear for a few days. Besides your cold Keith (darn it - on black friday too?!) I hope you're breathing easier these days in the fresh air (envy, envy). So despite the fact that it seems quite dark here lately (sundown at 5:40p) we're sending a ray of sunshine your way for the Holidays! Love, Laura, Chayton, Jack, Callie and B.B.

  2. Such a beautiful image, the colors are lovely. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well but I hope you and Carrie have a Good Thanksgiving (maybe the Indian cuisine will help).

  3. There is no building in this photo.