Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nutcracker? Sweet!

The scan looks a little pale, but this is one of the envelopes I painted to send off in an effort to catch up with all the mail I've gotten as part of the Asian Philatelic Cover Exchange. I've let it pile up a bit since I started my move back at the start of summer, so I owe probably about a dozen covers. I sent off what ones I could find but I'm sure I have a few more lurking in the mess of our half unpacked boxes.

I used a couple of the new Nutcracker stamps and a tropical fruit stamp to more than cover the cost of sending letters overseas. And I sent them to get a special nutcracker postmark. I also noted on the enclosures that I had a new address, so I'm hoping that gets me some forgiveness for my lateness.


  1. Your cover looks great! I haven't felt inspired to make any first day cover for the stamps this year. Well, I was thinking of making some for the Eames stamps but never found an address for them.

  2. Next year has a few stamps I'm looking forward to. The first, in mid-January, will be one for Edgar Allan Poe. Carrie likes crows and ravens, so I almost HAVE to do something for that.

    Then, rumors have it that The Simpsons will be the big surprise release. No dates yet for that one.