Friday, November 14, 2008

The secret word is "stamps"

The US Post Office will be releasing a set of 20 stamps next year honoring vintage TV shows. Their choices are partially based on what properties they could get the rights to use rather than the most deserving. There are several on the list I don't think should be there (most notably I Love Lucy which already had a stamp for it and another for its star) and several I am quite excited about. I'm sure you can guess at least one of those.

Anyway, these are the shows and they are tentatively scheduled for a September 2009 release:

Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Dinah Shore Show
Ed Sullivan Show
George Burns & Gracie Allen Show
Hopalong Cassidy
The Honeymooners
Howdy Doody
I Love Lucy
Kukla, Fran & Ollie
Lone Ranger
Perry Mason
Phil Silvers Show
Red Skelton
Texaco Star Theater
Tonight Show
Twilight Zone
You Bet Your Life


  1. Hi, just curious where you got this info. It's not on the USPS website.

  2. From the USPS, though not their website. Back in January they gave an announcement of some of the subjects likely to appear on stamps in 2009 and one was Vintage TV Shows. Back in April they gave more info on the stamps, including the listing of which TV shows to be honored. Second hand sources now abound in the stamp world, from the stamp newspapers to plenty of stamp websites. I usually look at

    Thanks for visiting! How'd you find us?

  3. Great drawing of Groucho! Can't wait to see the stamps for these.

  4. I like to see the ones on DRAGNET
    and THE TWILIGHT ZONE.-------