Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gone Postal

While I was in Arizona I designed a few postmarks that were used for special events, including three for the annual ARIPEX stamp show held in Mesa last February. The only compensation I ever ask for doing these is the actual rubber stamp used for the cancellations after they are done with them.

In the mail recently were the three cancels from the ARIPEX show sent by the Mesa PO's special events person, Sue Rohde. Sue also enclosed a note thanking me as well as an official R2-D2 mailbox bank. Sue probably remembered how much fun I had with the real R2-D2 mailboxes especially as I took lots of pictures of myself and Carrie dressed up next to them!

And as a further boost to the happy feeling this package brought me, Sue writes: Your cancel artwork was definitely a hit. Never, in my 15 years in Mesa have we had requests that even came close to the number we had with those.

Wow. Thanks Sue!


  1. A well-deserved compliment, IMO. Are you going to try and get into doing that kind of thing again now that you've relocated?

  2. As a matter of fact, while I was at one of my jobs, a postal rep was talking to the boss and afterward I asked if they were involved with doing special postmarks. They were, so I told them how I'd been involved with things in Mesa and gave them my contact info if they decided they needed my services. So maybe...