Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Light of My Life

Carrie's job has her working some saturdays instead of tuesdays. Today, I also have a day off. We decided to go to Ft Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth and see the Portland Head Light. It was a bit cold and overcast, but fun nonetheless. Pandora, as you can see in the photo, certainly agreed.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow often walked from Portland to visit this lighthouse. The Keepers were his friends and it is believed he sat here for inspiration on his poem, "The Lighthouse."

And if you want more history tied in to this place, it was commissioned by George Washington in 1790!


  1. It must be nice to live near such a cool lighthouse.

  2. It is a nice place and it's the closest lighthouse to us, but unfortunately it isn't really that near. Cape Elizabeth is almost an hour's drive away. Freeport is located on one of the back corners of Casco Bay. Between the lack of serious boat traffic and the muddy shores, there's no need for a lighthouse: awww...