Sunday, November 9, 2008

Foggy, foggy days

Okay, a light fog is when things in the distance look fuzzy. A medium fog is when you neighbor's house looks fuzzy. A heavy fog is when your porch looks fuzzy. When your spouse looks fuzzy you're not wearing your glasses! We've had a couple days of medium fog, something that I experienced only once in 30 years in Phoenix. Out on errands yesterday I heard somebody say it was dreary. While it can make driving tricky, I like fog. It blurs the edges of things, putting the world into soft focus and making reality also seem indistinct. Mundane features may seem more eerie or romantic. And while I have yet to see a sea monster or a Victorian lady (etc.) step out of any fog I've been in, the potential still seems to be there...

Today is Keith's and my 17th wedding anniversary! A blessing on Aphrodite for bringing us together and Hera for her continuing patronage. All the rest of the world may envy us.

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